SCUBA Gear Servicing

  • Investing

    Investing in your own personally fitted equipment from Moby’s guarantees you a great fit and VALUE. Owning your own equipment ensures your comfort and consistent performance wherever you dive, plus you’re supporting your local dive shop and local economy.  See Package options below as a great start to a lifetime of adventure.

  • Renting

    Renting options are available as well.  (Click here to view Rates)


  • Equipment Service

    We service Regulators, Tanks, BCD’s, most Dry-Suits and much more.  Our technicians are factory certified and have over 30 years of combined experience.  (Click her to view service rates)

SCUBA Packages

  • STARTER (Beginner) PACKAGE
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  • Calypso Regulator
    (1st & 2nd Stage)
  • ABS Octo
    (Safe 2nd)
  • Gauge 2-X Console
  • Wave BCD
    (weight Int. Optional)
  • Value Punch-Card
  • No substitutions in this package pricing
  • Retail = $1,118

    Moby’s Package Cost

  • $799
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  • REGULATOR Calypso
    (1st & 2nd Stage)
  • Safe 2nd ABS-Octo
  • Gauge Compter Suunto Zoop
    (2-X Console)
  • BCD ZUMA Travel
    (light – easy pack and foldable)
  • Moby’s Dive Club Membership
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  • Retail = $1,477
    Moby’s Package Price
  • $1239
  • ALL-Around Advanced PACKAGE
  • wetsuit 3mm full-body (stretch)
  • Regulator ATX-40 (1st & 2nd Stage)
  • Safe 2nd Air-Source
    (Alternate inf/def Safe 2nd)
  • Gauge Computer Suunto Zoop
    (2-X Console)
  • BCD Balance (weight int.)
  • Moby’s Dive Club Membership
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  • Retail = $1,909

    Moby’s Package Price

  • $1,599
  • Wetsuit 7mm SolFX
  • Regulator XTX-50 (1st & 2nd stages)
  • Egress Safe 2nd
  • Gauge Computer Suunto Vyper
    3-X Console
  • BCD Dimension i-3 (weight int.)
  • Moby’s Dive Club Membership
  • Continuing-Ed Certification
  • Retail = $ 2,953

    Moby’s Package Price

  • $2,379

Always included with Moby’s Packages

  • Assembly and System Check

    Proper assembly and placement of components ensures the most ergonomic configuration for you.

    Checking the Intermediate Pressure, magnehelic and air tight integrity is crucial to perfect performance.

    Maintenance tags are installed as a reminder to have your system inspected and checked annually.

  • Delivery and Explanation of Equipment

    When taking delivery of your equipment, we want to be sure you are comfortable and understand how to assemble, maintain and adjust your scuba gear.

  • Pool or Lake use to practice Dive

    Your goal is to scuba-dive with your new gear, we want to provide the opportunity for you to practice often by  diving in the pool (during scheduled classes) or our exclusive dive-lake during the season, to become proficient with your new gear.

  • Warranty and Service Inspection (annually)

    Your new scuba equipment has a LIFETIME warranty, ensuring that the integrity of the system is free from defects and or flaws during the lifetime of your gear (which could be 20+ years).

    By registering your new equipment  http://www.aqualung.com/warranty_registration.html  and having your gear inspected the following year, You will receive FREE internal component PARTS when the overhaul is due the second year.  Overhaul service of your life-support equipment is due every-other year and parts are free for that service.