• Moby’s On-Site Dive Lake

Dive Local at Moby’s

Moby’s has an exclusive lake adjacent to our shop that allows you easy access to scuba-diving.

Dive Training

30 feet from our back training door is your open-water scuba site.  No need to drive your car loaded with scuba gear 30-45 miles away to a busy crowded lake,

we take you right outside to set up your gear on the diver benches, walk down the steps to the entry deck, make your entry into the water and start practicing on the shallow platform at 6 feet deep.  Also an easy step entry for shore entry.   20 foot deep platform, as well as a challenging Navigation course, and much more.  Changing accommodations on-site with a full array of rental scuba-gear.

 Moby’s navigation course MAP

Lake nav course

Attractions Below

We have several attractions in the lake for you to use and see.

  •     AN entry deck to practice your entries such as a giant stride and front roll, as well as a gradual shore entry steps.
  •     Shallow platforms underwater at 6-8 feet to get started with the basics and drill reviews
  •     Deep Platform at 20-22 feet deep for reviewing drills at depth with an ascent line.
  •     Shipwrecks- Moby’s has a few shipwrecks to explore in the lake. One below the deep platform at 30 feet and another out aways at 40 feet.  We are in the process of developing a third shipwreck placed at 40 feet to be used for shipwreck diver training.  This was built from scratch and is called the Molly Marie.

Special Events

Open Water Referrals :  We can provide the final open-water dives for you to complete your certification

Scuba Instructors :  if you need a convenient place to scuba dive with your students

Special Events for clubs and divers


Most proceeds from the access fee and Moby’s Dive Club goes toward maintaining and adding new underwater attractions in lake Versluis for your enjoyment and training.

  • Cost to access for diving with air is $12
  • Cost to access with all rental gear $47


All Divers Must:

  •     Certified as divers from recognized WRSTC agencies.
  •     Last dive within 18 months as recorded on your log-book.
  •     Refresher (scuba-skills-update) classes are recommended after 24-30 months of last dive
  •     Always dive with a buddy
  •     Have A DIVE-FLAG with them (at all times), allows boats to avoid you, and surface support can see you.
  •     Your scuba equipment must be in good working order and have proof of such (service tag etc..)
  •     Have a diver cutting tool with you.
  •     See more of the diver protocol list (here)  file called (EAP and other noted)

Moby’s Dive Club

Dive for FREE at Moby’s Lake


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$139 Annually

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