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Enjoy the benefits of membership with ample opportunity to dive in our exclusive dive-lake adjacent to Moby’s.  Your access fee and air-fill is no-charge, as often as you want to dive (you will need a buddy), or on the Tuesday afterwork dives.  Practice you skills, have fun and meet other divers.

Discounts on gear service as well as FREE service for regulator safety checks, BCD inspections, and simple equipment adjustments.

Discounts on purchases including Continuing Ed (Specialty classes) and everyday purchases.

Tank rentals, Air fills, Gear rental for a buddy (to dive at moby’s) and also a free discover scuba for a friend or family member to try scuba.

This is a great gift to give as well.


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Basic SCUBA Diving starts with being E.N.A.B.L.E.D.

  •   Knowing how to assemble your equipment properly
  •   Check your buddy to make sure they are ready
  •   Use your log-book as a checklist to ensure everything is ready
  •   Making the proper (easiest) entry in the water
  •   Review your drills.

This is the key to being Safe, getting comfortable and having FUN.

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