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Moby's Dive Shop
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 22 reviews
 by Mike

I have been a certified diver for over 20 years, but I recently had my two teenage children get their certification through Moby's Dive Shop before taking them on their first dive trip to Cozumel. I was very pleased with the instruction they received and both of my kids did great on our 10 day trip. The dive masters all were amazed that this was their first trip. They were both extremely relaxed in the water. Moby's instructors did a great job with them. Both had no trouble at all with their buoyancy or air consumption. They were so relaxed drifting along on most of the dives I swear they were sleeping. I think they both were better divers than many experienced folks we ran into throughout the week. Both dropped the amount of weight they were using during the week and I think they were diving with about 8 pounds for their last several days which makes for very comfortable diving. Thanks!

 by William Sherman
Outstanding Service

Where to start. Moby's Dive Shop has been the most enjoyable experience, From the Instructors to the Staff they are all extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure that you're comfortable and satisfied with every aspect of your diving education. I have purchased a total dive package that fits me perfectly. SSI is the Ultimate Dive Experience. So what you waiting for come down to Moby's Dive Shop and have the experience of a lifetime. Come share in the underwater world with us. The Adventures await . Thanks again Andy

 by David VanHouten
Thank You Moby's! for helping Calvin College!

I just wanted to say thanks to Moby's dive shop for helping Calvin College Campus Safety,

by providing us with dive gear to support our Annual Calvin College Seminary Pond Jump.

Having the proper equipment to respond to an emergency and have the ability to put Campus Safety in the water during this event, greatly enhanced the safety of our staff and students during the jump!

Thanks for allowing us to use your equipment - and without even any hesitation! Moby's is the BEST!

 by Scott Kenyon
Excellent service

I chose Moby's dive shop for scuba diving lessons for me and my 13-year-old daughter. Our instructor was Pete who I could immediately tell had a passion for teaching others to dive. At the first class, he told us he would take as much time as we needed to make sure we were comfortable with the skills needed to become a safe diver. Pete provided excellent instruction and we left for our vacation comfortable and confident for our dive trip.

Thanks for the excellent service

 by Ray Groendyk
Great Dive Shop

I recently decided to take the training to get certified. Based on the positive reviews I choose Moby's Dive Shop. I could not be happier with my decision. Andy and Logan are first rate. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment. They made sure I got exactly what I needed and took the time to insure the correct fit. Pete is an excellent instructor and taught me the proper safe way to dive and managed to keep it fun at the same time. I highly recommend Andy and his team. Moby's is more than just a business that sells dive equipment. They are a great group of people that are truly passionate about safe diving and having fun.

 by Chris Slater
Excellent Training

My daughter and I completed advanced training today. A potentially dangerous situation occurred at the bottom of a lake with zero visibility. Thanks to the excellent training we received through Moby's and our instructors, Adam and Dave, we were safely able to deal with the situation appropriately. We constantly see while diving with large groups that the training we receive at Moby's makes us better and more confident divers than others in our group. We can't be more satisfied with the training we receive through Moby's.

 by kris schulz
Top Marks,

Cannot imagine a better all-purpose dive shop.

Attended Moby’s open water class about 6 years ago, a great experience. Only recently acquired some equipment and went on a weekend dive excursion before embarking on a 7 day trip to the Caribbean, stayed at a dive resort and completed 16 dives. Never missed a beat, Moby’s had equipped me with all the knowledge, experience and confidence to seamlessly dive with a mix of other divers, some who had completed over 100 even 500 dives, all over the world. The week had some awesome dives, including boat and shore dives, night dive, wreck dives, shallow and deep. Andy provided invaluable advice and has been instrumental in selecting the perfect complement of equipment.

Planned a dive trip with 3 family members new to the sport they needed to rent equipment for the weekend and Moby’s spent a lot of time providing everything needed, all of which fit, and worked perfect.

Highly recommended. If anyone has any interest in diving I can’t believe you would find a better place to start and for the experienced diver looking for more; Moby’s.

 by David VanHouten GRPD RETIRED
Count on Moby's and it's Staff!

Moby's Dive Shop and it's owner, Andy Moblo, have been a presence of professionalism in the sport of scuba diving for years here in Grand Rapids. I have utilized Moby's Dive Shop for years as a customer and I recommend both Moby's and Andy regularly and without hesitation. Andy and his staff of instructors show a genuine caring towards their customers. Moby's is there no matter what you need! New gear, an air fill, a great place to get wet and do a dive! Moby's is the place to be. It doesn't matter if you have been diving for years, like I have, or are an entry level diver, Andy, his staff and instructors have the patience and will take the time to help you understand what you need to safely enjoy the sport! Moby's has top of the line equipment at reasonable prices too! Support your local dive shop. Without your support and with everyone using the internet to save a few dollars, many of these local shops find it difficult to compete! If you buy your gear at Moby's and have a problem, paying a couple extra bucks suddenly becomes worthwhile when you can deal face to face with the Moby's Staff and get help! Once again, I want to repeat that I, without hesitation, recommend Andy, his staff and instructors and Moby's for your scuba needs! You can trust Moby's! It is an established business that has been there for years and will be there for the sport of diving for many years to come!

 by Darren Mattone
Best Place for Learning to Dive

I took dive lessons 16 years ago from a different dive shop in West Michigan and lost my interest in the sport afterwards. When I decided to pursue diving again a friend recommended Moby's Dive Shop. After a couple of phone calls and emails to Andy I could tell that this dive training experience would be different from the one 16 years earlier. After attending the class sessions and completing the pool work I knew I had made the right decision in taking lessons at Moby's. The two instructors were patient, educated, and funny. They made me feel very safe and comfortable in the pool. The philosophy behind learning to dive at Moby's is knowing how to be safe and have fun. They certainly accomplished that and more. I highly recommend learning how to dive with Moby's Dive Shop. Thank you, Andy, Adam, and Steve!

 by Jodi
Awesome with Families!

My 4 children (ages 11 & 14) and I are just finishing up our Open Water classes. Even though we are all confident in the water, I knew scuba would take things to a completely different level. The instructors know how to deal with kids in a confined classroom for 2 hours, keep things fun, and relieve anxieties in the pool. They are patient, calm, encouraging and FUN!! Also, because we purchased our gear at Moby's, any problems we encountered in the pool led to quick exchanges until just the right fit was found- big plus!! This is a great shop all around- so glad to have them nearby!!

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