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Diving Conditions at Versluis

Versluis Lake started out as a gravel-pit in the early 80’s, then as Grand Rapids Gravel pulled the plug on this location about 2002 the development in the area began.  In 2006 Versluis Lake experienced a flooding from the Grand River (which is adjacent to the lake).  This flood introduced carp and zebra-mussells into the […]

Using an Underwater Camera

With the advent of digital camera’s and more recently smart-phones that take exceptional pictures, underwater photography is available to every diver. Many years ago when divers would show-off their underwater photo’s, they were typically poor because of the manual settings necessary to compensate for the white balance, contrast, lighting and focus.  SO any good picture […]

Can I be a scuba diver?

Occasionally when discussing the course involved to become a scuba diver, some will wonder if they have what it takes to actually scuba dive.  With concerns such as claustrophobia or a fear of being unable to breath (granted breathing underwater is not natural), these concerns may seem legitimate.  However the reality of scuba diving is […]