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10 Specialty Diver Courses Now Available at Moby’s

Moby’s Advanced SCUBA Training will prepare you for diving at the best diving sites around the world.

With 10 Specialty Programs available to choose from, you can enhance your skills and earn your Specialty Diver certification, Advanced Open Water Diver certification, and Master Diver certification.

Choose your courses and get certified to dive deeper, enjoy longer dives, go night diving, drop down on a shipwreck, and more.

Classes are forming, so get your name on the list for the courses you want.

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Stress and Rescue Advanced SCUBA Training

Stress & Rescue

Learn to identify stress, prevent accidents, and learn rescue diver skills. Help yourself and other divers to stay safe.

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Boat Diving Advance Scuba Training

Boat Diving

Learn everything you need to know about boat diving and discover pristine dive sites that are impossible to access from shore on a liveaboard dive trip.

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Nitrox Diving Advanced SCUBA Class

Enriched Air Nitrox

Increase your dive time, shorten your surface intervals and explore your favorite dive sites more.

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Night Diving Scuba Training

Night & Limited Visibility

Experience the incredible marine life that emerges only at night by becoming a night diver.

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Dry Suit Scuba Diving Training

Dry Suit Diving

Become a dry suit diver and dive all year, anywhere in the world. Gain the knowledge and skills to safely and comfortably dive in a dry suit.

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scuba navigation class


Become a better, more confident diver who always knows where they are going.

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search and recovery scuba training

Search & Recovery

Make lost items a thing of the past with the SSI Search & Recovery specialty program

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Deep Dive Scuba Training

Deep Diving

Explore iconic shipwrecks in the Great Lakes or dive the deep reef formations in Cozumel with Deep Dive training.

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perfect buoyancy training

Perfect Buoyancy

This Course can improve your body position for relaxed dives, lower your air consumption and increased bottom times.

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Equipment Techniques Training

Equipment Techniques

Learn how to maintain your dive gear and how to store it for maximize performance and longevity.

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