Moby’s Dive Shop offers basic Scuba Training to be a safe scuba diver.  This training allows the diver to realize that practice (while diving) makes the diver more confident and comfortable.  Specialty Training (Continuing Education) is the next step in being comfortable with some of the more advanced (or challenging) diving that is available. However, not all specialty-dives are necessarily tough or challenging but in the normal time-frame of a basic open-water scuba class, there just isn’t the opportunity to present these many different dive environments and the skills / equipment needed to participate in them.
This is the advantage of our Specialty Programs is to present the additional specific details about that type of diving with input from our experienced Dive Team in a format to review and discuss contemporary, relevant and real-world details about that specific dive.
We complete the course by application of the study by diving in a related environment under guidance and instruction to earn your Specialty certification.
With two Specialty certifications you will earn your Specialty rating.
With four Specialty classes you will earn your Advanced rating.                                More Details

Specialty Course Format

We offer Specialty training on demand and can schedule a class to be convenient with your schedule.
When you sign up, you will receive the student kit to read and review (including a text-book and DVD). The attached question-answer sheets are your homework before class and will be part of our classroom-review. The Dive Leader will review real-world application and answer any questions you have. A final test will be given, then the diving will be scheduled to apply the new knowledge (many of which can be completed in Lake Versluis (on-site).  After successfully demonstrating the diving techniques, the diver will earn their new Specialty Certification.

One of our Specialty Courses on-site

NAVIGATION Specialty classes using our sophisticated Navigation Course with a 3 tiered level layout.


Lake nav course


Specialty Course Selection

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