Welcome To Moby’s Dive Shop

Moby’s Dive Shop was started in Newaygo MI in 1994, and moved to Grand Rapids in 1996.
The owner, Andy, previously managed the Skampt Scuba Shop in Grand Rapids from 1991-1994.
Our goal has always been to provide honest and reliable product and service to our clientele.

Moby’s Dive Shop has an excellent (experienced) staff of Dive Leaders and helpers to dive with and show you dive skills.  Our selection of Scuba-Diving products are second to none in quality and performance. Safety is the key. Our on-site lake provides you with an well laid out diving environment to easily gear-up, dive and practice new skills while exploring all of the sunken artifacts we have placed for your pleasure.

We have great on-site rental rates for diving practice.

Our Equipment service is handled by Manufacturer trained technicians.

Moby’s Dive Team

A Little of Our History

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Moby’s Dive Shop provides training, service and quality equipment to many of our surrounding municipalities, including many of West Michigan’s County Sheriff Dive Teams, John Ball Zoo and Regional City Dive Teams.

We are proud to be associated with many of our public servants that utilize scuba-diving to accomplish their task at hand.

Here are a few of our clients.

Specializing in :

  • SCUBA Training

    We have one of the largest and most diverse instructor team in Michigan.

  • Equipment Sales - Professional Fitting

    Buying the right gear for your level of diving and fit by a professional is important for both enjoyment and safety

  • Equipment Servicing

    Proper maintenance by a certified technician is critical for diver safety.

  • Diving Club

    Moby’s Dive Club offers year round fun and savings.

  • Open Water Diving at the Shop

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What Others Are Saying

 by Mike on Moby's Dive Shop

I have been a certified diver for over 20 years, but I recently had my two teenage children get their certification through Moby's Dive Shop before taking them on their first dive trip to Cozumel. I was very pleased with the instruction they received... View More

 by William Sherman on Moby's Dive Shop
Outstanding Service

Where to start. Moby's Dive Shop has been the most enjoyable experience, From the Instructors to the Staff they are all extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure that you're comfortable and satisfied with every aspect of your diving... View More

 by David VanHouten on Moby's Dive Shop
Thank You Moby's! for helping Calvin College!

I just wanted to say thanks to Moby's dive shop for helping Calvin College Campus Safety, by providing us with dive gear to support our Annual Calvin College Seminary Pond Jump. Having the proper equipment to respond to an emergency and have the... View More

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